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Want to enjoy a quiet day at the beach? La Mer beach is where you can enjoy both sun and sand in combination with shopping and style. A beach with marine water, white sands, and crazy wall paintings is like sparkles in the sky and carries a sprinkle of variety to the encompassing Jumeirah area.

What is La Mer Beach?

La Mer is quite possibly the most famous area in the ocean side and promenade space. This is just because it is aquamarine and a beach with too many facilities, dining areas, and shopping stores.

From 2017 it positions among the Best 10 spots to visit in Dubai. Its diverse contribution incorporates in excess of 100 eateries and retail outlets, water sports, kid’s playing areas, the Laguna waterpark, a large cinema, and perhaps of the most gorgeous ocean side in Dubai.

Location of La Mer Beach

Situated in Jumeirah 1 region, La Mer Dubai‘s beach stretches out straight up to the ocean and offers individuals a staggering objective to loosen up. The ocean side is fixed with palm trees, expressions, and paintings and there are loads of feasting and relaxing activities accessible for you that will basically blow your mind.

Why visit La Mer Beach?

People used to love aesthetics these days if you are into industrial aesthetics because the beach is composed of distinct zones. You can easily find 30 shops, cafes, eateries, and shopping stores in its radius. Families can find various rushes with play regions for kids and the great Laguna Waterpark – a stand-out waterpark with a restrictive surf fascination. In the meantime, the more as of late opened Wander at La Mer offers impressive shoreline escapes with the additional benefit of watersports choices.

Explore activities at La Mer Beach

La Mer has a gigantic scope of eateries and cafes, as well as a cinema and a few children’s play regions, including Hawa Hawa. Families can appreciate Laguna Waterpark and on the off chance that you’re feeling dynamic, give a chance to Train Beach Club for a picturesque exercise.

On the off chance that you have artistic taste, you’ll see spray painting and paintings that have wonderfully mixed the moderate and contemporary plans together, offering a treat for your eyes. Lumber walkways, palm tree avenues, and promenades are loaded up with cafés and shopping stalls, bars, and ice cream parlors

There’s likewise a waterpark on the oceanfront called the ‘Laguna Waterpark’, ideal for youngsters as well as grown-ups. The La Mer Dubai waterpark shows promising rushes and spills with every one of the fake waves and water rides.

With so many oddities encounters the guests at La Mer will find this ocean-side region alluring and a site to investigate and appreciate.

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Respecting the plan of La Mer Dubai you will see numerous things. The name of the ocean side ‘La Mer’ demonstrates loosened-up French towns by the coast. The ocean side is embellished with wooden wide strolls and fixed by lovely palm trees with string lights moving over the delightful pastel-shaded ocean side shacks.

The surfboards and destroyed boats wedged in the sand, the corroded anchors, barrels. Ropes and driftwood alongside energetic billboards add to the stylish excellence of the spot. Also, the loungers that influence every so often with the breeze, add a tranquil energy to the spot. The waterpark at La Mer is enlivened by a vivid locale in Argentina called, La Boca. This metropolitan oceanfront, joined with turquoise water, brilliant sand, and then, by and large, the energetic subject has most certainly given incredible consideration to catch the detail.

Facilities by La Mer Beach

La Mer is perfectly arranged with current structures and enormous green guests, water elements, and cascading fountains in the distance.

Eateries at La Mer Beach

There are numerous exemplary cafés open on this beach that will serve you different foods and make your taste buds wake up with every one of the yummy flavors. Allow us to take you to La Mer Dubai cafés that you can visit.

Bare Burger

Bareburger is where you can have everything: the best-sourced ingredients, a sensitively accommodating kitchen with large flavor, and huge tomfoolery.


Here is another restaurant with middle eastern cuisine that can mouth-water you easily. All the dishes with authentically sourced ingredients can make your lunch or dinner worth it.

Amorino Gelato Café

If you are a sweet lover, this is an ideal spot for you. This spot is tied in with serving candy-coated delights that satisfy your sugar desires. All the food here is made of natural items so that partake in your dishes without being worried.


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