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Are you also fond of animals? Want to interact with them closely and more naturally? Dubai Safari Park can be an area of your interest.

You can get up close to some of your favorite animals and can have an eye to eye contact with wild beings without having a fearful thought.

A Safri Park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a second home for around 3000 animals.

Desert Safari Dubai

Are you looking for help in planning your incredible tour of Dubai Safari Park? Let our firm “Desert Safari Dubai” assist you. Being a travel agency for many years now, we take lots of pride in offering you our authentic and valuable services.

We will give our best to make sure that you create wonderful memories while you are in Emirati’s Safari Park.

Our Services

From signing up for a tour across the safari Park, we promise to guide you through and through. Let us offer you our top-notch services.

Our Team of professional guides will make sure you enjoy the journey. We will also provide you with extra and free-of-cost side benefits like providing different accessories or an informative quick tour regarding animals.

Your journey with us will not only be full of excitement but our guides will make the tour informative as well.

Packages and Guides

As for our expert guides, we have specific criteria that every guide has to clear. Thanks to our recruitment department every one of our guides is highly qualified for their job with experience of at least 4 years. This is to ensure your safety so don’t worry you are in safe hands.

“Your ease is our first priority.”

The packages and deals for the trip to Dubai Safari park are one of our very budget-friendly packages. But you still have the upper hand as you can modify the package right according to your need.

Best Spots in Safari Park Dubai

Let’s talk about one of the best spots to visit safari Park Dubai. This Safari Park is best known for its loving sight and management of meetups with animals. No wonder it is also a live example of mother nature.

Safari Park’s main spots are its Farms and Villages.

Safari Park’s Villages & Farms

Talking about the best spots and attractions at Dubai Safari Park? Certainly can’t drop its villages out!
Safari Park of Dubai is preferably recognized for the primary four villages and a couple of farms of numerous habitats it has.

Read More about some of the villages and farms, given below.

Asian Village

The Asian Village in Dubai Safari park will never go wrong to amaze you, as it protects Asia’s most mighty gorilla.
Aside from catching the powerful elderly person of the woodland, one can dump the wheels at this spot to go for a stroll in the midst of the thick backwoods encased by chimpanzees, Moon bears or Asiatic black bears, and the monster Komodo winged serpents that are also known as land crocodiles.

You can also take a glimpse of eye-catchy traditional East-Asian architecture at the Asian Village of Dubai Safari Park.

Arabian Village

The Arabian Village has always been an Incredible heaven for the sightseers who respect the Dubai desert. This district covers numerous entertaining animals like the Blue Bulls and Antelopes which are typically tracked down in imprisonment. Aside from this don’t pass up a major opportunity to watch out for the wolves living there.

African Village

Wander around the perfectly decorated African grassy fields and Rainforests while you are in the United Arab Emirates. The African town is one of the most undeniable spots to find inside the Dubai Safari Park which includes African wild dogs, jumbo turtles, gorillas, and powerful white lions.

Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations for your safety and animals easy are basic and simple to follow. Just follow the instructions of our guide and make your journey comfortable.

Some main rules are given below

  • Don’t give food to Animals.
  • Don’t cross your fingers or hands in the cage of dangerous animals as it can harm you.
  • Follow all safety precautions and guidelines that our experts guided you about.
  • Don’t throw anything in the cage or in the direction of animals as it can simulate their instincts
  • Consider the safety and comfort of animals and avoid anything that can be uncomfortable in their environment.



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