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A wonderful day at Dubai Global Village.

Explore Dubai Global Village in the winter, when the world gathers at Global Village, and you are also welcome.

Dubai’s Global Village is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (United Arab Emirates), Dubai. It covers an area of nearly 1,600,000 m2. Global Village is one of the best places for the entire family to enjoy. It also has one of the best amusement parks, shops, and cafes for every taste.

Global Village Dubai?

You must be wondering “What is Global Village Dubai”. Let us help to guide you thoroughly.

It is a smaller-than-expected world packed into one space for you to experience where many nations and countries represent their cultures. There are acts, pop dances, Hip-Hop shows, a wide range of yummy food, and other jovial activities. As Dubai Global Village‘s area opened occasionally, so we suggest you plan the tour beforehand and really look at it as your first priority.

Dubai Village is a multicultural amusement park where you may go to learn about different cultures and enjoy amusement rides and incredible shopping. Participate in a variety of live fireworks displays and concerts by well-known ensembles, artists, and entertainers to boost enthusiasm for your one-day excursion to the town. Numerous locals and visitors from across the world bring their family and friends to the village to catch a glimpse of one of Dubai’s most renowned locations in order to make their trip memorable and unforgettable..

Security System Of Global Village

Even if the Global Village is highly crowded, especially in the winter season you won’t have to be fearful about your security concerns as the management of the park takes all security measures to ensure the safety of the visitors of the park. The security of the visitors has always been the first thing to consider when it comes to priorities and for this purpose management holds a “Dubai Guaranteed” stamp. This guarantees all tourists that each healthiness pattern is being followed and that the security of all guests is the first concern.

Things to do at Dubai Village

When it comes to Dubai Global Village’s activities there are four main to-do things

You can try a variety of foods from different countries and different restaurants in Global Village while shopping for the best products for winter. Let us get into this!


Best Food Courts in Dubai

Global Village Dubai has the most aesthetic Restaurants and as there’s nothing we love more than food so with many individuals and identities living in Dubai, it takes care of each and every appetite. Whether you’re searching for family restaurants, VIP cafes, incredible menus, customary Emirati cultural food, and cooking or recommendable dining spots of interest, consider it here. Feel free to find the best places to eat in our city. Being a mixture of traditions from over 90 countries Global Villages would like you to take interest in Turkish Restaurants, Indian Restaurants, and Thai Restaurants.

Turkish Restaurant

You can always enjoy Turkey’s mouth-watering desserts, Bosporus Turkish Cuisine, and Baklava at the Global Village as Turkish Restaurants are known for their appetizing and spicy taste.

Thai Restaurant

You can never ignore the aroma and taste of Thai food while being in the Dubai Global Village. Thai Food is a must t everyone who loves to savor meals. The delicious taste of Thai Restaurants has a charm all over Dubai as they are famous for Red Curry, Rice cake strips, and Thai-style Fried Noodles. If you want to try the best Thai dishes, Chicken in Coconut Soup for Winter is a must.

Shop with Trends

You might be thinking about what to do in Dubai Global Village other than the Foods and events, This is for You!

Shopping is another name of therapy for some people. You would be glad to know that you can have authentic and Go-with-Trends shopping in the Global Village.

Dubai is home to the world’s most satisfying shopping malls. The village Mall is popular because this is the mall where you can buy almost everything from any country. It’s like a small shop that has everything of your interest.

The Village Mall

The Village Mall in Dubai is a luxurious but small Shopping mall that facilitates tourists to buy stuff and products that are of their interest. You can choose from a variety of products from different countries with their traditions.

Live Concerts and Shows

Explore each and every event activities and performances Dubai brings to the table. Don’t forget to attend the thrilling live concerts and experience eye-to-eye performances from renowned bands and artists in Global Village. Enjoy the trip and stay safe this winter in Dubai.Try not to miss the mind-blowing firecrackers show at Dubai Global Village, which plays consistently on Thursday and Friday at 9 pm. The  GVP (Global Village Program) for special occurrences, stars and Idol appearances, and shows will be mentioned on our website. we will also notify you from time to time about the newest updates Ticket prices and Global Village timing for events and live shows.

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