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Explore Kite Beach Dubai

If you’re searching for a more relaxed vibe, this oceanfront radiates adrenaline however much it does serenity and an easygoing environment. Kite Ocean side is quite possibly Dubai’s most famous ocean side – ideal for sun-searchers, foodies, and sports lovers as well.

What is Kite Beach

You should realize that this oceanside is named “Kite” since visitors love to fly kites overhead. When you are there, you will find a large number of kites surfing, and they looked like gigantic birds, but kites. Kite beach has won a few honors. Nonetheless, in 2016, the main one is the honor for the best ocean side for the family

Why visit Kite Beach?

You can have some good times of a normal beach insight – and considerably more. There is a lot to do at Kite beach, with kite surfing, paddle boarding, a jogging track, volleyball, a library, a children’s waterpark, an experience park, a lot of food trucks, and many more outdoor activities to do.
Partake in the great perspective on Burj al-Bedouin from the beach. Long-running tracks, food booths, cycling tracks. You should also visit Dubai Desert Safari.

Watersports at Kite Beach

Would you like to feel sea waves under your feet? If you don’t generally joke around about your watersports and need to test your abilities on quite possibly the best free ocean side in Dubai, Kite beach has a lot of difficulties. You can find all the water athletic gear on the sand. On the off chance that surfing isn’t your appetizer, you actually can appreciate other kitesurfers while walking around the coastline

Things to do at Kite Beach

Kite surfing is something you can’t stand to miss assuming that you are visiting this ocean side out of the blue, so, here is some fun to do at kite beach:

Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing is without a doubt the most reviving water sports activity you’ll go over. It is wind-forced and gets the adrenaline siphoning through your veins. It is enthusiastically prescribed for novices because of the ideal breeze conditions. However, if you are stressed over the lack of expertise, relax. It is intriguing to realize that the ocean side has trainers for beginner kite surfers.


Whether you are great at photography, do take a few snaps. Ideally, you could get a unique glimpse of the beach! Cruising, windsurfing, parasailing, waterskis, etc are things appreciated here.

Paddle- Boarding

If you don’t like adventurous activities and you won’t find kite surfing a kind of fun, you can look at paddleboarding. Stand-up paddleboards are a simple and perfect choice for individuals searching for less extreme water-based exercises.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is fun since you can invest some energy with friends or family doing a simple action brimming with adrenaline while getting the sun and waves. Instructors will give you all the fundamental security guidelines toward the beginning of the ride, end at spots of interest as well as help you through the astonishing experience.

Eat your heart out at food trucks

Whether hankering burgers or a few local dishes, the food trucks that line up at Kite beach are the ideal spots for you. You can also experience little meals right off the shore at the shops and food trucks – don’t pass up on your opportunity to snatch delicious sliders and a lotus shake.

Beach Volleyball

A few volleyball courts are spread around the ocean side, and a few competitive leagues are held at the beach over time. Contingent upon when you are visiting, have the opportunity to see ace players in real life. Walk either towards your left or right, you will surely find numerous volleyball courts being dispersed all through. Local people plan ocean-side volleyball competitions here at Kite beach

Skating at the skatepark

The skate park is set on an optimal oceanfront alongside discrete skate regions for learners as well as experts. The spot can catch your attention if you want to witness master skateboarders performing fantastic tricks.

Jogging Track

For joggers or morning walkers, Kite Oceanside has a lovely 14km track where you can test your running abilities. This long-running track is for both runners and cyclists as well. Running on this track just after sunrise will fill your heart with real freshness early in the morning and makes your day.

Dining at Kite Beach

There are many sprinkling of eateries right close to Kite beach that will suit most preferences. It is interesting to realize that Kite beach offers American, Chinese, Italian, and substantially more assortments for the foodies.

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