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Guide Mirdif City Center Dubai

If shopping is your cardio then you are at the right place. Yes, Mirdif City Center Dubai can help you get at your weekly doze of shopping!

Why One should consider Mirdif City Center?

The Mirdif City Center Dubai is home to hundreds of shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cultural venues- making it one of the largest shopping districts in the world. Leveraging this wealth of culture and art, Mirdif makes for an ideal base from which to explore other parts of Dubai or even neighboring Arabia Kuwait Jordan Saudi Arabia Oman, and Iran!

Explore Dubai City Center

Mirdif is the hub of shopping and entertainment in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The area is home to hundreds of shops, boutiques, restaurants, and hotels. Mirdif is also a cultural showcase with a theater, symphony orchestra, and art gallery. There’s even a museum dedicated to the UAE’s history and culture. Outside of the city center, Mirdif is dotted with golf courses, villas, and country clubs. You should also explore Dubai Desert Safari.

Location of the Mall

The Midriff City Center is a shopping center in the domestic location of Mirdif, in Dubai. It is situated at Sheik Mohammed Container Zayed Street – Mirdif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Overview of Mirdif City Center

The mall includes approximately 465 stores, an adjacent 3-level car park for over 7,000 cars, a Magic Planet entertainment area with an “iFly” indoor skydiving center, and Yalla! Bowling, a cosmic 12 Road bowling alley. Additionally, the mall will include a 10-screen cinema with two VOX GOLD premium screens, a VOX GOLD lounge, and a VOX 4DX sensory experience, which will be the first ExtremeScreen cinema in the UAE, as well as a Fitness First gym. Mirdif city center has over 80 restaurants and cafés. Dining options include Abdel Wahab, Uno Chicago Grill, Japengo, and Gazebo. Two food courts offer 34 shops, restaurant areas, coffee shops, and casual dining.

Best attributes of Dubai City Center

Mirdif has much to offer anyone interested in shopping or viewing local culture first-hand. Some of the main features that Mirdif City center offers are:

  • Marvelous Shopping.
  • Discovering new Restaurants and Cafes.
  • Get a taste of food from any country you desire.
  • Entertainment
  • Explore Dubai’s culture
  • Benefits for Travelers

One thing visitors should know about Mirdif is that it’s not just about shopping and culture. The region holds play areas, luxury activities, and country clubs as well as restaurants for travelers coming through town. Since many visitors come through Dubai Airport, the facilities at this mall are quite good.

Everything You Want to know

While being one of the hottest shopping points that attracts hundred and thousands of people to treat themselves to good shopping, Mirdif City center has never failed its name.

You might want to get an idea about your activities at Mirdif City center Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Perceive Ideal Shopping

Shops in Mirdif stock some of Dubai’s most exclusive brands and items. Some of the most popular brands in the world can be found here- including Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, and Fendi.

Mirdif City Center also contains many luxury goods from Asia- including high-quality fabrics and handicrafts. The shopping center is also a center for fashion events such as the Dubai International Fashion Festival. In addition to fine clothing, this mall also hosts an abundance of luxurious accessories such as handbags, shoes, and jewelry. Mirdif is also home to many restaurants and cafes that cater to tourists from all over the world.

Art Galleries

One of the best things about Mirdif City Center is how it showcases the culture of the UAE. Numerous art galleries host paintings and sculptures by local artists are also present in the mall. The management held many exhibitions to present the magic of historical and present artists.

Cultural Movements

Many performances take place in and around the theater in this cultural hub. Some of these shows showcase traditional Arabic culture, while others focus on regional traditions unique to the region.

Many tourists visit these performances to see cultural dances they’ve probably never seen before. Theater tickets are also affordable at just AED 15 ($5) for general admission or AED 25 ($9) for premium seats- much cheaper than theater tickets anywhere else in Dubai.

Dining Experience

After all the shopping you must be exhausted right? How about having mouthfuls of delicious food?

At Mirdif City Center you will encounter many glorious Cafes, restaurants, and small Food Points. Among the most popular are Paul, Cafe Bateel, La Brioche, and Le Pain Quotidien. You can also try Best Concept Restaurants & Cafes and Dubai’s best rooftop restaurants with stunning views!

Some of the most popular cafes and restaurants at Mirdif City Center are given below:

Eateries at City Center Mirdif

You’ll find a relaxing ambiance and delicious food to suit every taste at our choice of restaurants in the City Centre of Mirdif. From partaking in a long family lunch to going through the night with a friend or family member, this mall’s cafés are open day in and day out. Feasting in the shopping center is a surprisingly simple choice because of our copious location stopping and an agreeable, cooled climate. From an already-established family, and top choices to new openings, explore by reading more to see what’s on offer.

Awani Restaurant

One of the most popular Middle Eastern restaurants in the center of Mirdif, Awani serves some of the city’s best Levantine cuisine in a cozy atmosphere.
If you’re not familiar with Levantine cuisine, it’s the type of cuisine that covers a large area of ​​the Eastern Mediterranean, such as mezze, which includes tabbouleh, and hummus.

Awani’s classic menu includes Eggplant Salad, Batata Hara, Almond Halloumi, Awani Beef Shawarma, Eggplant Beef Sajiyah, and Telar Kebab. The interior design of Awani restaurant in the center of Mirdif is beautiful, with bright orange and cool turquoise tones and beautiful woodwork.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen in City Centre Mirdif serves some of the best burgers in town. Their juicy and tasty beef burgers are cooked using high-quality ingredients. Their burgers are also popular with the little ones, so if you are on the lookout for child-friendly places to eat in Mirdif, this is a good choice. You can also check our comprehensive list of 10 must Try Burger Restaurants in Dubai on MyBayut for your next hangout.

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